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BREAKING: Ashoka Biryani locked, Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma said this on misbehavior with journalists…

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Raipur. Action has been taken on the death of two employees of Ashoka Biryani Center while cleaning the gutters and the subsequent misbehavior with the journalists by the center employees. Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma said that the matter is being investigated, and till the investigation continues, Ashok Biryani will be closed. Also read: Lok Sabha Election 2024: Voting for the first phase continues in Bastar Lok Sabha constituency, 28.12 percent voting so far.

Two employees who had gone to clean the gutters of Ashoka Biryani Center located in Telibandha police station area had died. The employees of the center misbehaved with the journalists who came to know about the incident. In this matter, Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma said that it has come to light that journalists are also being misbehaved and they should not do this at all. The matter is being investigated. While the investigation is ongoing, Ashok Biryani will be closed.

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Let us tell you that two employees of the center, David Sahu and Neelkumar Patel were employed to clean the gutter tank of Ashoka Biryani located at Labhandi. But both got stuck in the gutter. Somehow both of them were taken out and sent to the hospital, where after examination the doctors declared both of them dead. The police have established a track and are busy investigating the matter.