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Chhattisgarh MPs may get a chance in the central ministry! Deputy CM Vijay Sharma said- The more people get it, the better it is…

Nitin Namdev, Raipur. BJP’s performance in Chhattisgarh was tremendous in the Lok Sabha elections 2024. BJP has won 10 out of 11 seats in the state. At the same time, the discussion of Chhattisgarh MPs getting central ministry in the Modi cabinet has intensified. On who will get a chance from here, Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma said that the more people get it, the better it is. It will be a good thing if the representation of the state increases, something good will happen.

After BJP’s big victory in Chhattisgarh, the central leadership has called the newly elected MPs of the state and the state’s Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai to Delhi tomorrow. CM Sai and all the MPs will go to Delhi today. On this, Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma said that Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister for the third time on June 8. Chief Ministers of all states will reach Delhi. There is a parliamentary party meeting, we all will go to it today.

Regarding the change in Congress organization on state level, Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma said that this is an internal matter of Congress. But PCC Chief Deepak Baij’s ticket from Bastar was cut, which is understandable. The people of Chhattisgarh are continuously with BJP.

On the question of the government’s work speeding up after the code of conduct is lifted, the Deputy Chief Minister said that it is only today’s issue. Tomorrow the code of conduct will be lifted, then work will start in all departments.

On the meeting of the election management committee, Vijay Sharma said that all the seats will be reviewed in the meeting. There will be a review of victory as well as defeat. Technically, there will be a review of all the assembly seats where there has been defeat.

On the high number of NOTA votes in the 2024 elections, Deputy CM Sharma said that this is a matter of concern. The fact that no party was selected is a matter of concern.

8 new faces were given a chance in the Lok Sabha elections. On this matter, Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma said, there is a combination of old and new faces in BJP. If there were 8 new faces, then there were 33 percent old faces as well. If only old faces are fielded, then there will be anti-incumbency.

On the defeat of Congress leaders on the basis of caste equations, Vijay Sharma said that the people who were the faces of the government were in the elections. The public rejected them earlier and is rejecting them now also. We were bound to get one more seat.