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Farmers’ land acquired to build a road, officials threaten on asking for compensation, road not built even after the deadline

Sakti. ADB’s arbitrariness can be seen in Sakti district of Chhattisgarh. Farmers’ lands were acquired years ago for road construction in the district. But many farmers are still wandering for compensation. On demanding compensation, the officials are threatening the farmers with the help of the administration.

Even after the deadline has expired and years have passed, the road has not been completed yet. Now, in view of the upcoming monsoon, ADB is preparing to build the road against the rules. Farmers are becoming angry with the government administration due to ADB’s arbitrariness and not getting compensation.

Learn about the case in detail

In fact, years ago, the land of farmers was acquired for road construction and widening of the Sakti to Tundri road of length 31-481 km and Malkharoda to Jaijaipur road in the district. In which, as per the amendment dated 27-09-2017 of the government order number F 7-4-1/20215 dated 30 March 2016 regarding the purchase of additional land for the Sakti-Tundri road, compensation was given to the farmers of village Karrapali and Jharra.

Many of these farmers did not agree to the compensation amount. After which their lands were measured again and a land case was made by the Revenue Department. But till date those remaining farmers have not been given compensation. Farmers have been continuously pleading with the government and administration since the year 2021.

Illegal road construction

According to the information, 16 meter wide land was required to build roads on these two routes, but at many places the farmers were not satisfied with the compensation amount, due to which the agreement between those farmers and ADB could not be reached. Now ADB officials are building roads against the rules at those places. At many places, preparations are underway to build 12 meter, 10 meter and 8 meter roads. While the estimate for road construction has already been prepared, but now ADB is getting work done beyond the estimate, which is against the rules.

what do the officials say

In this case, the revenue officer says that consensus has not been reached with some farmers, but in view of the rains, the road will be constructed on the old government road. If consensus is reached with the farmers later, the road will be widened further.

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