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Incidents of theft increased in Dharmnagari: Police is getting success in catching thieves, but why is there leniency towards those who buy stolen goods

Amit Pandey, Dongargarh. Despite continuous action in the cases of theft in Dongargarh of Rajnandgaon district, the incidents of theft are not stopping. The latest case is from Bhimnagar of the city, where a case of theft of jewelry worth one and a half lakhs has come to light from the house of applicant Mamta Indurkar. In this entire case, the police have arrested a minor along with his accomplice friend Raunak Rajput.

According to the police, the accused had committed the theft to spend money on friendship. The accused had mortgaged half of the stolen gold and silver in a gold loan company, while some of the stolen jewellery was sold to a jeweller in the city. However, the police have recovered the stolen gold and silver.

In this second theft of gold and silver in the city, the stolen goods were sold to the same jeweler. In the past too, the stolen jewellery was sold to the same jeweler in connivance with the minor. But both the times the police kept this jeweler away from action. Even after the name of this institution came up twice in this month in buying stolen jewellery, the police kept the said jeweler away from action, which somewhere raises questions on the police action. Currently, the police have arrested the minor and his accomplice Raunak Rajput in the case.