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Naxalites got furious due to the action of soldiers, fired rocket launcher on police camp, see viral video…

Narayanpur. Security forces in Chhattisgarh are continuously taking action against Naxalites and killing Maoists in encounters. At the same time, Naxalites, who are frustrated by the action of the soldiers, are not desisting from their cowardly acts.

Naxalites have attacked Irkbhatti police camp in Abujhmad. Naxalites continuously fired BGL rocket launchers at the police camp. The video of this attack is going viral on social media. In the video, it can be seen that the BGL rocket falls near the soldiers. But before it explodes, the soldiers run away and after that there is a huge explosion.

After this attack, the soldiers took charge and exchanged fire. This incident is being reported from Kohkameta police station area. However, the viral video has not been officially confirmed.

Watch the video-