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Operation Aahat: 16 girls were sitting uncomfortably in the station waiting for the train, on questioning the RPF staff was shocked, after informing the relatives they were sent to Sakhi Center…

Raipur. The staff of Railway Protection Force Rajnandgaon handed over 16 girls to the local Sakhi Center under Operation Aahat. The girls waiting for the train at the station could not give satisfactory answers to the RPF on questioning, after which the RPF contacted their families and called them to Rajnandgaon.

According to the information, Railway Protection Force Rajnandgaon’s women in-charge Inspector Taruna Sahu, shift officer Sauni Girija Sahu, women constable Lalita, Praa RM Misal and constable Pramod Yadav were checking the platform on June 8 at around 8.30 pm. During this, they questioned 16 girls sitting together uncomfortably at the station. On this, some said that they were going to Tamil Nadu for work, while some said that they were going to Bengaluru. All the girls were giving different answers. All of them are residents of different panchayats of Kawardha district.

When the girls between the ages of 18 and 23 were unable to give satisfactory answers, RPF contacted the families of the girls. Along with this, Chandrasen Lade, the officer of the Women Protection Commission posted in Rajnandgaon, was also informed about the situation. The family asked them to come to Rajnandgaon the next day as it was night. After their arrival, the girls will be verified, the case will be investigated and traced. Meanwhile, they were handed over to Sakhi Center Rajnandgaon for proper care and protection.