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Rise of good governance of Sai Sarkar: After crossing the hills and forests, the government staff reached this village for the first time after independence, listened to the problems of the villagers sitting on the ground.

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Sudeep Upadhyay, Balrampur. Located at the extreme end of the district, Bhutahi village is surrounded by high hills and dense forests and is situated under Kusmi development block. Which was considered a highly sensitive and inaccessible area. As per the wish of the Chief Minister, after 7 decades of independence, Collector Remijius Ekka, Superintendent of Police Dr. Lal Umed Singh and CEO District Panchayat Rena Jamil along with their field staff, to connect the people living in remote areas with the main stream by providing them the benefits of public welfare schemes of the government. After walking about 6 kilometers on an inaccessible hilly road, we reached the remote village Bhutahi. During this, the lifestyle and development plans of the villagers were closely observed. He also sat on the ground with the villagers and listened to their problems and assured to resolve them soon.

Basic facilities will be restored in the village soon

After reaching Bhutahi village, Collector and Superintendent of Police set up Jan Chaupal and met the local villagers to know their needs and problems and instructed the officials of the concerned department to take necessary steps to solve their problems. In fact, when senior officials of the district administration reached this village, which had been untouched by the mainstream for a long time, after making a long hilly journey, the villagers were curious to find them among them and welcomed all the officials with loud applause. The sparkle in his eyes clearly showed that now his hopes and dreams would be fulfilled. Now basic amenities like education, health, roads and houses will be expanded in their village also. The villagers said that for the first time they have seen such a sensitive district administration team and their arrival has not only awakened hope but also gives them confidence that the village will also see development soon.

Nutritious food served to children

On the initiative of the district administration, an invitation banquet was organized in the primary school Bhutahi under the Pradhan Mantri Poshan Nirman Yojana. In which the Collector, Superintendent of Police and District Panchayat CEO ate food sitting in line with the villagers and children. Children belonging to special backward tribes seemed happy to find officers among them. In fact, with the aim of increasing the amount of nutritious food in the diet of children, an innovative initiative of invitation banquet is being taken. This will develop a sense of belonging along with additional nutrition in children. During this, the officials also distributed Harlicks and chocolates to the children. The Collector also inquired about the quality, cleanliness and health condition of the mid-day meal provided in the school. Also took information regarding the presence of teachers posted in the village and also gave instructions to the children to study in quality manner.

Permanent houses will be built in the village, officials laid the foundation

During this, Collector, Superintendent of Police and District Panchayat CEO discussed with the beneficiaries of housing under Pradhan Mantri Janman Yojana. He took information from the villagers regarding the problems faced in the construction of approved houses. The villagers informed him that due to lack of transportation facilities, they face difficulties in collecting the resources required for housing construction. CEO District Panchayat Rena Jamil assured the villagers that only the people of the village will be given skill training for housing construction. So that only the village people can build their houses. Along with this, the administration will provide all possible help in delivering essential materials like rods and cement to the village. During this, the Collector, Superintendent of Police and District Panchayat CEO performed Bhoomi Pujan with the beneficiaries of the sanctioned housing and started the construction of the housing by digging the foundation.

Instructions for making the remaining Ayushman card soon

While discussing with the villagers, the Collector took information about the health facilities being provided and informed them about the benefits of Ayushman Card. Also, after taking information about the total Ayushman cards made, he gave instructions to the concerned officials to make Ayushman cards of the remaining 10 percent villagers soon. Along with this, information regarding health check-up and treatment including malaria, TB, anemia etc. was taken through the health camp in the village. Along with this, instructions were also given to provide better health facilities in the village by making a roster.

Providing easy transportation is a priority for the government

Collector Ekka told the villagers that building a road from Bhutahi to reach Pundag village is the priority of the administration. Along with the development of the road, other development works will be given pace. While assuring the villagers on their demands, he said that an action plan will soon be made for the construction work to restore traffic from Bhutahi Camp to Bhutahi Basti. During this time, he also visited Gram Panchayat Pundag and took stock of the infrastructural works and discussed with the beneficiaries of the houses under construction under the Prime Minister's residence and encouraged them to complete them soon. During this, Tehsildar Shashikant Dubey, Executive Engineer Sachchidanand Kant, CEO Kusmi Abhishek Pandey and officers and employees of the district and police administration were present.