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There will be a magisterial inquiry into the Suhela incident, consensus was reached in a meeting of community leaders with the district administration

Balodabazar. There will be a magisterial inquiry into the vandalism of temples around Suhela and Girodpuri Jaitkhambh by anti-social elements in the district. In this regard, a consensus was reached in a meeting of various community leaders with Collector KL Chauhan and SP Sadanand Kumar.

In the meeting of the peace committee held in the meeting hall of the district office, a detailed discussion was held on the incidents that took place in the district. During this, the heads of all the communities including various representatives of the Satnam community talked about maintaining mutual peace and cooperating with the administration. The representatives of all the communities promised to cooperate with the district administration in the magisterial inquiry of the incidents. Along with this, a detailed discussion was also held to prevent such incidents from happening in the district in future.

Collector KL Chauhan said that the Suhela incident is condemnable and worrisome and said that such incidents spoil the fabric of society. In the history of the district, no one’s religious sentiments have ever been hurt in this way. This is the first time such an incident has happened. Along with this, he stressed on the community leaders to make positive efforts for mutual peace while avoiding agitation.

In the meeting, senior police officer Sadanand Kumar said that rumours spread very quickly through social media and asked to avoid such messages. Along with this, he said that if any suspicious content is found, then immediately inform the police control. He told that the police has formed a separate cell to monitor the activities on social media. Along with this, the investigation will be expedited through the advice and important information given in the meeting.

Along with the top officials of the district and police administration, representatives of various communities and eminent citizens also attended the meeting. On this occasion, Additional Collector Dipti Gaute, Additional SP Avinash Thakur, all SDMs, SDOPs, Progressive Satnami Samaj Devendra Chaturvedi, Mohan Banjare, Satnami Samaj Omprakash Khute, ST-SC OBC Sangharsh Samiti Mohan Rai, Brahmin Samaj Shyam Shukla, Yadav Samaj Santosh Yadav were present.

Apart from these, senior representatives of Sindhi society Naresh Gangshani, Shankar Dulani, Kevant Nishad society Narad Nishad, Verma Kurmi society Dharmendra Sarsiha, tribal society Dr LS Dhruv, Bhupendra Dhruvvanshi, Sahu society Lekh Ram Sahu, Satnami society Rajmahant Sarju Prasad Ghritalhare, BSP Rajkumar Patre, Bhim Krantiveer organization Kishore Navarnge including senior representatives of all other societies, society heads and a large number of dignitaries were also present.