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UP Election Floor Record: ‘Packets of Parle-G like sacks of manure become small, formative years were given employment to force bull’

From Trivediganj (Barabanki),
In Uttar Pradesh elections, the problem of stray animals has grow to be crucial some of the not unusual other folks. The wastage of agriculture has grow to be a serious problem for the folks of the village except the bottom state of affairs within the towns. Prior to the UP Election 2022, to grasp the UP’s determination within the village spaces, Navbharat Instances left for Ayodhya by way of Lucknow, and at the method, the area people in Trivediganj additionally discussed it. Some locals have interaction with the election protection staff of Navbharat Instances On-line at the aspect of Jeevan Lodge close to Trivediganj.

When talks began on Jeevan Lodge close to Trivediganj (Haidargarh Vidhansabha Seat), the native head Shyam Bahadur alias Chutkan Singh was once offended with the federal government. He stated within the dialog that the farmer is compelled to stay (guarding) his crop right through the day within the fields. The situation of the farmer is deficient in getting ready and taking good care of the crop right through the 12 months. The situation is if a herd of Nilgai jumps into the sector of the completed crop, it takes just a few mins for all of the box to get spoiled.

Within the village, all of the bulls and stray animals have been additionally noticed grazing within the fields.

‘The younger bull returned house were given a role’
Relating to the topic of returning house on the time of Corona, Pankaj Rawat of Trivediganj says that those that returned from Delhi-Mumbai didn’t get any particular paintings. To mention that, the federal government might say about 2 crore jobs, however the truth is that the formative years who’ve returned house have were given the task of using bulls from the farm at the moment. All of the boys who’ve returned house are guarding their fields all day lengthy in order that no stray animals input it.

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‘Persons are going again to their towns’
Pankaj Rawat says that all through the Corona duration many of us misplaced their jobs in large towns. Those have been the individuals who both left their jobs out of worry or have been fired. Used the cash stored until the lockdown of Corona, however now the task was once wanted. The situation is if paintings was once no longer present in UP, then all of the other folks went again to Delhi and Mumbai.

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‘Line to promote paddy, robbery in manure sack’
Krishnamohan Mishra, who runs a store in Trivediganj, says that he’s no longer proud of the paintings of the native MLA. Paddy isn’t being weighed on the buying facilities of paddy. When the farmers take the trolley there, they deal with it and lie underneath the trolley in a single day within the line. When the paddy isn’t bought after ready, they promote the crop at a low value out there and depart. Native chief Gautam Rawat, who was once accompanying Krishna Mohan, says that lengthen in getting fertilizer is the principle downside right here. The sack of manure has been lowered and is now to be had for Rs 1400. 5 kg of manure has been lowered from each and every sack and a line needs to be laid for that too. In this type of state of affairs, if the farmer isn’t offended with the federal government, then what will have to he do?

Other people have been noticed expressing their displeasure with the federal government close to Trivediganj in Barabanki.