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Why did not BJP give price tag to any Muslim in UP elections? Swatantra Dev Singh gave the solution ahead of the 7th segment of balloting

Varanasi: The Uttar Pradesh elections are actually transferring against the final segment. The BJP group has put complete drive in the summertime of 2022. Birthday party’s state president Swatantradev Singh may be looking to repeat the facility evening by means of day. They are saying that when the election effects, SP leader Akhilesh Yadav will go away UP and move to London on March 10. BJP state president Swatantra Dev mentioned within the interview that within the six segment elections, it has crossed 300. He mentioned that within the subsequent segment, BJP will move above 300. Akhilesh Yadav, who claims to have gained 400 seats, will go away UP by means of locking the SP place of work and going to London, once he sees the BJP’s lead at 10 o’clock on March 10, and also will transfer off his telephone. Swatantra Dev Singh additionally spoke back the questions all over this era. Learn additional

Query: Akhilesh Yadav has mentioned that the BJP has misplaced steam until the 6th segment, will the ghosts dance at their cubicles?
Swatantra Dev Singh: The SP leader will have to now not be taken too severely. He used to mention this in 2014, he mentioned in 2017 after which in 2019 his wind has long past out. Those other people have observed a wide variety of alliances. Those other people may not be observed any place in 2022. BJP is a disciplined birthday party.
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Query: Earlier than the 6th segment, there are allegations of controversy at the birthday party?
Swatantra Dev Singh: We had met a Bangalore reliable. He mentioned that elections are happening very peacefully in UP. Our employees take part by means of following the foundations. There’s no indiscipline in our birthday party. What occurs when any person says it? Our employees focal point on their paintings. Our employees do not need sufficient time to get into any controversy.

Query: Swami Prasad’s daughter Sanghamitra Maurya may be a BJP MP, she is accused of campaigning in opposition to the BJP.
Swatantra Dev Singh: There’s no such factor as of now. When the topic involves the attention, it is going to be observed.

Query: Why is there communicate of terrorism Pakistan when BJP has advanced?
Swatantra Dev Singh: BJP talks of building. But when there was a migration beneath the SP rule, then the general public should inform. Other people need to be instructed what they did improper of their govt. Those other people suggest terrorists.
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Query: The BJP appealed to Muslim ladies to vote.
Swatrant Dev Singh: Muslim ladies have removed the evil apply of triple talaq. They have lodging. They have got religion in Modi. Each and every scheme has were given advantages. She’s going to without a doubt vote in want of BJP.

Query: However BJP didn’t give price tag to a unmarried Muslim on this election.
Swatantra Dev Singh: BJP is employee primarily based birthday party. Price ticket seekers are reviewed. After that the price tag is determined.

Query: Caste roots are deep in Purvanchal, how will BJP care for them?
Swatantra Dev: This time individuals are balloting within the identify of building. He needs the guideline of legislation.
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Query: The place do you spot Congress and BSP on this election?
Swatantra Dev Singh: SP BSP Congress all 3 are preventing for his or her life. All 3 haven’t any contest with the BJP by means of a long way. BJP goes to shape govt with complete majority.

Query: There are six stages of elections, so the place do you spot the BJP?
Swatantra Dev Singh: BJP will transcend 300. This time ladies daughters are actively collaborating within the balloting. Those individuals are balloting in want of Modi Yogi. Other people will vote handiest within the identify of Janardan building. BJP will shape the federal government with a thumping majority.

Query: 5 problems on which BJP is contesting elections.
Swatantra Dev Singh: Regulation and order, housing for the deficient, bogs, loose ration, truthful management. Remainder of the complainant events who understand how to loot the deficient. In a plague like Corona, our birthday party, the BJP govt and group stood for the carrier of the general public. SP BSP has now not even gave the impression any place. The schemes of the federal government have reached each village. Other people have were given the advantage of it. The ability device has been advanced.

Swatantra Dev Singh (report photograph)