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Ather Rizta Production Kicks Off; First E-Scooter Rolls Out From Plant | Auto News

Ather Energy has officially commenced production of its newest electric scooter, the Rizta. The company has rolled out the first production-spec Rizta from their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.
Tarun Mehta, Co-founder and CEO of Ather Energy announce the news on the Twitter. “The first production versions of Rizta are starting to roll off the line now!” he tweeted, signaling the company’s readiness to deliver this eagerly awaited scooter to the market.

Design and Features

The Ather Rizta includes Ather’s proprietary SkidControl technology and even integrates WhatsApp functionality on the dashboard. The Rizta comes in two models and three variants: Rizta S and Rizta Z with a 2.9 kWh battery, and the top-end Rizta Z with a 3.7 kWh battery. The 2.9 kWh variants offer a predicted IDC range of 123 km, while the 3.7 kWh variant promises a range of 160 km. The Rizta S is available in three monotone colors, whereas the Rizta Z comes in seven colors, including four dual-tone options.

Battery and Charging Solutions

Ather offers an optional five-year/60,000 km warranty program called ‘Ather Battery Protect,’ which ensures a minimum of 70% battery health at the end of the warranty period. For home charging, the Rizta S and Rizta Z with a 2.9 kWh battery come with a 350W portable charger, while the 3.7 kWh Rizta Z is equipped with a 700W Ather Duo charger. Rizta owners will also benefit from Ather’s extensive fast-charging network, comprising over 1800 fast charging points across the country.

Availability and Pricing

Bookings for the Ather Rizta are now open, with deliveries set to commence soon. The Rizta S with a 2.9 kWh battery is priced at INR 1,09,999 (ex-showroom Bengaluru), the Rizta Z with a 2.9 kWh battery at INR 1,24,999, and the top-end Rizta Z with a 3.7 kWh battery at Rs 1,44,999.