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BIS Introduces New Safety Standards For Electric Vehicles; Check Details | Auto News

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), operating under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, has unveiled two new safety standards for electric vehicles (EVs). These standards, IS 18590: 2024 and IS 18606: 2024, aim to enhance the safety of EVs by ensuring their critical components, particularly the powertrain, adhere to stringent safety requirements.These measures are essential for maintaining the efficiency and safety of electric vehicles, which rely heavily on reliable powertrain and battery systems.

Coverage of Electric Vehicle Categories

IS 18590: 2024 and IS 18606: 2024 apply to electric vehicles in the L, M, and N categories, covering a broad spectrum of EV types. This initiative marks a significant step towards reinforcing the reliability and safety of electric powertrains and batteries, which are crucial for the efficiency and security of EVs.
Special Standards for E-Rickshaws and E-Karts
Recognizing the increasing popularity of e-rickshaws and e-karts in India, BIS has also introduced IS 18294: 2023. This standard is specifically designed to address the safety needs of these vehicles, covering various aspects from construction to functionality. The goal is to ensure comprehensive safety measures for both drivers and passengers.

With the introduction of these new standards, BIS now has a total of 30 Indian standards dedicated to electric vehicles and their accessories, including charging systems. This extensive set of standards is a crucial component of India’s transition towards a more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and efficient transportation system.