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Success Story: He Cracked AIIMS Exam At 16, Cleard UPSC To Become IAS Then Quit Job For Startup; Current Networth Is… | Companies News

UPSC Success Story: In a tale of remarkable transformation and innovation, Dr. Roman Saini, a former IAS officer, has been instrumental in turning Unacademy from a humble educational platform into a Rs 26,000 crore enterprise. What began as a YouTube channel by engineer-turned-entrepreneur Gaurav Munjal has evolved into one of India’s leading edtech companies, thanks in large part to Saini’s vision and leadership.

Early Life and Academic Excellence

Dr. Roman Saini’s journey to success is marked by early academic brilliance. At the age of 16, he cleared the highly competitive AIIMS entrance exam, embarking on a path in medicine where he practiced for nearly six months. However, his aspirations extended beyond the medical field. Driven by a desire to serve the public, he prepared for and cleared the UPSC exam, becoming one of the youngest IAS officers in the country at the age of 22. He served with distinction as a district collector in Madhya Pradesh.

A Bold Career Shift

Despite a promising career in civil service, Saini’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to resign from his prestigious position in 2015. He co-founded Unacademy with Gaurav Munjal and Hemesh Singh, under the parent company Sorting Hat Technologies. This move was driven by a shared vision to democratize education and provide quality learning resources to millions of students across India.

The Rise of Unacademy

Unacademy’s growth over the past 5-6 years has been nothing short of phenomenal. Initially leveraging YouTube to reach students, the platform has since expanded its offerings to include a comprehensive range of educational content and live classes. This innovative approach has empowered thousands of IAS aspirants and other students to access top-tier coaching without the prohibitive costs traditionally associated with such education.

Financial Success and Recognition

The success of Unacademy is also reflected in the financial rewards garnered by its founders. In 2022, Gaurav Munjal, as the CEO, earned Rs 1.58 crore, while Hemesh Singh received Rs 1.19 crore, and Dr. Roman Saini earned Rs 88 lakh. These figures highlight the significant value and impact of their contributions to the edtech sector.

Inspirational Legacy

Dr. Roman Saini’s story is a powerful testament to the impact of vision, determination, and innovation. From an accomplished doctor and IAS officer to a pioneering entrepreneur, his journey inspires countless individuals to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world. Unacademy’s success underlines the transformative power of education and technology, setting a benchmark for future educational initiatives.

As Unacademy continues to grow, Dr. Roman Saini’s legacy serves as a beacon of inspiration, proving that with dedication and the courage to take risks, extraordinary achievements are possible.