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This 19th-Century Mansion With 17 rooms, 5,000 Sqft Area Is Available For Free; But There’s A Catch | Real Estate News

New Delhi: Homeownership is generally considered a key component of one’s dream. Owning a house is a symbol of both financial success and independence.  People are ready to spend their savings to buy residences in dream locations. 

However, the dream of buying a house without spending a penny can be more than a pleasant surprise for many. A property in the beautiful US city of Philadelphia is being given away for free if a certain condition is fulfilled.

The Hood Mansion, a 19th-century property in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is being given away for free. The 5,000-square-foot property having 17 rooms is an abandoned building waiting for buyers. The building on this large property will be handed over for free to buyers. However, there’s a catch!

Built in 1834, the Hood Mansion served as the family’s summer home after John McClellan Hood arrived in the United States in 1799. 

It is currently an abandoned property. Despite the flawless plaster walls with very few cracks, there are several broken windows and missing doors. The house is available for free to anyone who wants it, but there is a catch: it needs to be relocated.

The president and founder of the Eastern Pennsylvania Preservation Society, Tyler Schumacher, claims that this architectural gem has been masterfully built and has a deep history. The house and a fragment of history are being fought for by the preservation society. 

Hood Mansion In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Is Available For Free, But What’s The Catch?

The preservation society is trying to locate a buyer who can move and renovate the property. The mansion relocation would require the buyer to pay a significant amount. It would cost the buyer between $700,000 and $1 million to relocate the house. To discuss the next actions, interested parties might get in touch with the preservation society.