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Anil Kapoor broke his silence on the rising fees of stars, said- ‘It is painful…’

Stars in the film industry are increasing their fees day by day. Many times, a large part of the film’s budget used to go to the stars. Many filmmakers have expressed concern over the increasing fees of stars. Recently, actor Anil Kapoor has also talked about this. The actor recalled the time when he used to do films for free.

B-Town stars charge a hefty fee for every film. Many times the makers have to reduce the budget of the film so that they can meet the fee demands of the stars. Which has also affected the films. Many film producers have also expressed concern about this. Now actor Anil Kapoor has spoken about this. Anil Kapoor, who ruled the film world for many decades, is not only an actor but also a producer. His brother Boney Kapoor is also a producer and his father has also been a producer. Due to the flop of films, his father also had to face financial difficulties. Anil Kapoor has broken his silence on the increase in star fees. Read More – Juhi Chawla gave Shahrukh Khan’s health update, said – he will definitely come to the final match of IPL…

Anil Kapoor spoke on the increasing fees of stars

Anil Kapoor said in one of his interviews that stars need to be a little more realistic about their fees, so that filmmakers can make more films. Recently, Karan Johar also called the highest fees of stars a matter of concern at an event. Regarding this, Anil Kapoor said- I heard what Karan Johar said about the exorbitant fees charged by actors nowadays and I completely agree with him. My father, my family and I have also gone through this difficult time. We tried to invest our money, but the star fees and the cost of associates were so high that it became almost impossible to raise funds for the kind of quality films we wanted to make. This is painful.

Anil Kapoor has done the work without taking any fees

Anil Kapoor, who spoke against the rising fees, has himself revealed that he has done many such films for which he has not been charged a single penny. He said that I am always ready to cut my fees. Forget salary cuts, I have done films for free. There are examples when I have not taken a single rupee to help the producers. I do not want to name him. There are many actors of my generation and the generation before me who cut their fees and did films for free. Read More – Abdu Rozik is going to get married, shared the video and gave good news to the fans…

Become successful by reducing fees

Anil Kapoor further said that many films for which he cut his fees were later successful. I was able to stay in the industry for so long because I was ready to compromise when it came to money. Because of which these films could be made. About 50-55 films in my career stood the test of time and brought success not only to me but also to the producers and the people associated with them.

Let us tell you that Anil Kapoor is currently seen as the host of the reality show Bigg Boss OTT Season 3. He has replaced Bollywood actor Salman Khan in the show.