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Jackky Bhagnani came under controversy, crew members made this serious allegation…

Bollywood actor Jackky Bhagnani’s production company has been embroiled in controversies these days. After which Pooja Entertainment has come into the limelight. The crew members of her team have made a big revelation about the company. The crew members have alleged that they and their entire team have not received salary for more than a year and it is being delayed.

Jackky Bhagnani and his father Vasu Bhagnani had accused the crew members of Pooja Entertainment of not paying their salaries for a long time. They allege that they have been waiting for a year for the money that is supposed to be received 40 to 50 days after the completion of the work. A crew member shared his story on Instagram and condemned the company’s actions. Read More – Juhi Chawla gave Shahrukh Khan’s health update, said – he will definitely come to the final match of IPL…

A crew member named Ruchita Kamble has shared a post on Instagram. She said that she usually avoids such posts, but when she saw her team struggling every day for their hard-earned money, she was forced to speak up. She said that those who work with them have been enduring the unprofessional behavior of Jackky Bhagnani’s Pooja Entertainment for a long time for their money. She said, “We are sent to each other to ask for our money.”

When will I get the money?

Ruchita Kamble shared the post and wrote that “I did a film with a well-known production house 2 years ago. I have been waiting for my 2 months salary for almost 2 years with my about 100 crew members. The artists were paid immediately. Because he was an actor. No producer has an answer to our question. Where is my hard earned money? And most importantly when will I get paid for my hard work? Read More – Abdu Rozik is going to get married, shared the video and gave good news to the fans…

there is no hope of getting salary

He has little hope of getting his salary. He also requested his friends to share his post. He also asked them to avoid working with the company. He has also requested media people to cover his issue. He has tagged many people in his post. Some people have also shared his post on their Insta stories.