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What does seeing Shivling in a dream indicate? Know here…

Seeing Shivling in the dream: The importance of dreams has been explained in astrology, it is said that there is some sign behind every dream, which we often ignore. Some dreams bring happiness in life, while some dreams are considered bad and indicate future events.

Many times God is also seen in dreams, if you have seen Shivling in your dream then what kind of signals have you got, today we will tell you about this.

What does astrology say? (Sapne Me Shivling Dekhna) In astrology, seeing Shivlings repeatedly in dreams is considered auspicious. It means that the blessings of Mahadev, the God of Gods, will remain on you and you will also get wealth. If you see a white Shivling in your dream, then it directly means that all the diseases of your life are going to be removed and your wish is going to be fulfilled. If you are seeing Shivling in your dream, then it means that the punishment for your bad deeds is now over and your bad times are over, your luck is going to shine in the coming time. If you are offering milk on Shivling in your dream, then it means that Mahadev is happy with you, it is a sign that everything will be auspicious in your life. If an unmarried girl sees Shivling in her dream, then it means that she is going to get married soon. Along with this, she will also get a life partner of her choice. If a businessman sees Lord Shiva or Shivling in his dreams, then this is a sign that all the problems in his business are going to be resolved. Also, business and good fortune are going to increase. Do this remedy if you see Shivling in your dream

According to Swapna Shastra, if you see Shivling in your dreams, you should go to the Shiva temple the next morning. After this, you should worship Bholenath in a proper manner. Also, you should recite the Panchakshar Stotra of Lord Shiva or chant any mantra. If you do this, the auspicious results of your dreams will double.