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A crocodile suddenly appeared on the road, causing panic among people, watch the video …

Virendra Gahwai, Bilaspur. People were in a panic due to the sudden arrival of a big crocodile in the Ratanpur area. The crocodile preyed on a goat. People got frightened after seeing the huge crocodile and informed the police about it. The police team somehow caught the crocodile with the help of local people. After which it was left in a safe place in the Khuntaghat reservoir. Someone also made a video of the crocodile coming on the road, which is becoming quite viral on social media.

It is being told that a crocodile appeared near the stagnant rain water on the road of a locality in Ratanpur at around 1 o’clock last night. The crocodile had also hunted a goat. As soon as people saw the crocodile, they informed the police about it. Where constables Deepak Maravi and Mahadev Kujur of Ratanpur police station somehow caught the crocodile with the help of local residents and left it at a safe place in Khuntaghat reservoir. In the viral video of this incident, you can see how the police caught the crocodile and took it to a safe place and helped in the safety of the people.

Watch the video of crocodile-