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After the arson in Balodabazar violence, the Collector and SP office now appeared in a new form

Balodabazar. In the violent incident that took place in Balodabazar on June 10, the rioters set the Collector and SP offices on fire. The joint district office suffered a lot of damage due to this incident. Restoration work has now been completed to repair the damage. The building of the joint district office has now returned to its old form.

On the instructions of Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai, Collector Deepak Soni has executed this work by making a comprehensive strategy. Under which the Public Works Department has completed it by working 24 hours. Along with this, 100 percent restoration work has been completed in the damaged District Panchayat Office and District Election Office along with cleaning of the premises. With the completion of the restoration work, a different shine is visible in the office. Under the restoration work, other important works like construction work, parapet, removal of burnt APC board, installation of new railing, painting with putty, CCTV, brandband, changing glass, installing AC, fans, lighting, etc. have been done.

Know what is the whole matter (Balodabazar Violence)

Let us tell you, on the intervening night of 15 and 16 May, some anti-social elements vandalized the revered Jaitkham, a religious place of the Satnami community in Giraudhpuri Dham. Taking action in the case, the police arrested three accused. The people of the community were dissatisfied with this action of the police and were demanding a judicial inquiry. Meanwhile, on Monday, Home Minister Vijay Sharma announced a judicial inquiry. At the same time, thousands of people gathered near the Collectorate in protest against the vandalism in Jaitkham and created a ruckus. Where the demonstration turned violent. After which the miscreants created a ruckus and set the Collector and SP office on fire. The police is still taking action in the case.