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‘Doctors of Pahaljani Hospital replaced my child’, father made serious allegations based on DNA report

Raipur. A shocking case of child swapping has come to light in Pahlajani Women Hospital and IVF Centre in the capital Raipur. The victim’s father alleges that his wife gave birth to two children. One of them was a boy and the other was a girl, but after delivery, their child was swapped and he was given someone else’s daughter instead of the son. When the victim got the DNA test of the girls done for his satisfaction, the DNA of one of them turned out to be different. After this, he also lodged a complaint with the police for justice, but even after two months, the police investigation has not progressed. At the same time, the hospital management says that we have not done anything wrong in this case.

The victim told that he is originally from Bacheli of Big Bastar. He had two daughters and a son, but due to the death of his son, his wife constantly expressed the desire to get a son again. After which he reached Anupam Nagar TV Tower in the capital for medical consultation in October 2022. Where after consulting the doctors, treatment started through IVAF on 27 October 2022, but due to the physical illness of the victim, there was a miscarriage after 6 weeks on 8 December 2022. Pahaljani Hospital started the process again for the second time on 24 April 2023, after which he went to Bacheli and kept getting regular checkups. In December 2023, when his health deteriorated, he reached Raipur and was admitted to Pahaljani Test Tube Baby Center, Mata Laxmi Nursing Home Anupam Nagar.

The hospital replaced the baby

The victim said that the doctors of Pehlajani Hospital took them to the operation theatre without informing them. And when she was taken out after some time, the victim told that a son and a daughter were born in their house. After some time, the hospital staff brought twin girls and handed them over to the mother. When the couple asked about the birth of a son, the hospital staff completely denied it.

I was shocked to see the DNA test

When the victim’s wife repeatedly asked him to get suspicious, he consulted his acquaintances and decided to get a DNA test done from another lab. After this, when the victim saw the DNA of the girls, he was shocked. In the report, the DNA of one girl matched 99.99 percent with his DNA, but the sample of the other girl matched zero percent. After this, the victim showed the DNA report of the girls to Dr. Sameer Pahlajani of Pahlajani Hospital and his wife Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani and asked for an answer. They could not give any satisfactory answer to the victim, after which the victim decided to knock the doors of law for justice.

Police investigation not completed even after two months

The victim said that in April, he had lodged a complaint in Khamhardih police station of Raipur. Even after two months of the complaint, no concrete action has been taken. The victim says that he has not yet received a clear answer about how far the investigation has progressed in two months. Meanwhile, the girl has turned six months old and questions are being raised about the girl’s future.

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