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National Education Policy 2020: Students will benefit from the new education policy in every sphere of life, personality will develop

Satya Rajput, Raipur. National Education Policy 2020 is to be implemented in all government and non-government colleges of the state. For this, the Higher Education Department is organizing a training workshop of master trainers to train professors and assistant professors of all government and private colleges of the state. In this series, the second workshop was inaugurated on 27 June at the Malviya Mission Teacher Training Center of Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University. Higher Education Department Commissioner Sharda Verma said that the new education will benefit the students in every field of life and will also develop their personality.

The chief guest at the inauguration of the workshop was Higher Education Department Commissioner Sharda Verma. She said that education is an integral part of human life. Education is the only way to gradually refine human work and behavior, which leads to adaptability. In this sequence, the new education policy is a solid initiative. It will definitely bring favorable results for the students. At present, there is a need for the development of versatility, which is included in the new education policy. This will benefit the students in every field of life and will also develop their personality. She further said that the Higher Education Department is serious and ready to implement the new education policy.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the training workshop, the chief guest, Vice Chancellor of Ravishankar Shukla University Raipur, Sachchidanand Shukla said that in the present environment, society is changing rapidly. In this situation, change in education is the need of the hour. The new education policy seems to be the best option to meet this change, its implementation is necessary. For this, the university is ready to play its role.

In the training session, master trainers are being trained by various subject experts. The special thing is that in this training, the focus is on training based on holistic evaluation and semester system. Special emphasis is being given on subjects like information technology. Regarding this program, Professor Preeti K Suresh, Director of Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Center, said in her welcome address that Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Center is ready to fulfill the responsibility of teaching and training teachers. Such programs are conducted from time to time, so that the participants get benefit in their educational upgradation. Dr. Brijendra Pandey of Teacher Training Center said that this workshop will run till June 28. Professors from various colleges of Chhattisgarh will participate in it.