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National Education Policy-2020 will be implemented in Chhattisgarh: Now studies will be done through semester system, syllabus will also change, know what is the complete provision…

Satyapal Rajput, Raipur. National Education Policy-2020 will be implemented in Chhattisgarh from July. In a press conference, Higher Education Department Secretary R Prasanna said, now instead of annual studies, studies will be done through semester system. Syllabus has also been changed. Guest lecturer policy has also been implemented. The new policy has brought about a radical change in the Higher Education Department.

Higher Education Department Secretary Prasanna said, there is a provision of continuous evaluation in this policy, which will increase the mental energy as well as intellectual capacity of the students. Due to semester based curriculum, students will not have stress of examination. This policy based on multi-disciplinary system gives freedom to students to study subjects of other faculties as per their wish. Along with the inclusion of Indian knowledge system in the curriculum, extra-curricular activities have also been included in the curriculum. Emphasis has been laid on optimal use of technology.

Main provisions of National Education Policy 2020 03/04 year multi-faculty undergraduate course All courses will be based on credits and will be under choice based credit system. A student can complete the 03/04 year Bachelor course in a maximum of 07 years. If a student leaves studies for any reason after completing the first year under the “Multiple Entry Multiple Exit” provision during the course period, then he will be awarded a ‘Certificate’ under that faculty after completing two years and leaving, he will be awarded a ‘Diploma’ degree and after completing the third year, he can leave the course after obtaining the degree of ‘Aatak’. Students who wish to specialize in a particular subject or do research can continue the course in the fourth year and can obtain the degree of ‘Honors/Honors with Research’ in the fourth year. Under this policy, multi-disciplinary education, ideological understanding and critical thinking, skill development along with ethical values ​​have also been made a part of the curriculum. There is a provision of 30% marks in continuous internal assessment and 70% marks in end semester examination. To pass, it will be mandatory for the student to get a total of 40% in both (internal and end semester examination). Under the generic elective, a student of Arts/Science/Commerce faculty can take any one subject of other faculty as per his wish in addition to his own faculty. The student can also study the subject related course from the courses available in online education platforms such as SWAYAM/MOOC. Providing quality education through timely enrollment and continuous assessment of self-study students. These are the provisions in the National Education Policy –

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