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‘Idhar Chala Main Udhar Chala’: Tejashwi Yadav Takes Dig At Nitish Kumar In Jan Vishwas Rally |

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Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Tejashwi Yadav on Sunday slammed Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and described his recent ally shift phenomenon with the Hrithik Roshan starred song, ‘idhar chala main udhar chala, jane khan mai kidhar chala.’ Addressing the crowd in Jan Vishwas Rally at Gandhi Maidan in Patna, Tejashwi said that the Bihar government should get its insurance done as it runs the risk of JDU supremo taking repeated U-turns. 

Yadav exclaimed that the BJP says ‘Modi ki Guarantee’, but who will take the guarantee of Nitish Kumar? Reacting to the accusations of PM Modi over familial politics in RJD, former deputy CM of Bihar said, “They call us out on nepotism, but they have Samrat Choudhary, brother of Ram Vilas Paswan, Manjhi ji’s son has been made minister, it doesn’t look like any nepotism to them.” 

He further expressed gratitude to the Congress for their support in challenging times, Yadav highlighted Nitish Kumar’s initial skepticism about job promises during their tenure. “When we pledged jobs, he questioned their source. Under our administration, we conducted a caste census, raised the reservation limit to 75%, and increased reservation for extremely backward people by 24%. We achieved what the country hadn’t since independence,” Tejashwi Yadav remarked. 

He hailed RJD’s ethos, stating, “In RJD, ‘R’ signifies rise, ‘J’ stands for job, and ‘D’ represents development.” Tejashwi critiqued the BJP for destabilising elected state governments, asserting that the public will respond. Tejashwi pledged to continue the fight, framing it as an ideological battle. “Even if summonses are sent to Rahul Gandhi or the CBI targets Akhilesh Bhai in the Uttar Pradesh alliance, we will persist. BJP has become a dustbin where every party’s waste is accumulating,” he stated in Patna. 

Taking a swipe at PM Modi, Tejashwi criticized his recent visit to Bihar, accusing him of repeating falsehoods. “Modi ji is a factory of lies. In the last election, BJP won 39 out of 40 seats. Ask their MPs about the work done in their districts,” he concluded. 

PM Modi visited Bihar on Saturday where is was present in a public meeting in Aurangabad alongwith Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. PM also unveiled development projects valued at over Rs 21,400 crore in the state.