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Two brothers who went to take bath in a pond died by drowning, mourning spread

Hazaribagh: Two brothers who had gone to take a bath in the Ramsagar pond in Dadha village under Ichak police station of the district on Tuesday, died by drowning.

The entire village is mourning due to this accident. The deceased children have been identified as Rajkumar (9 years) and S Raj (7 years), sons of Shivkumar Mehta of the village.

According to the information received regarding the incident, three children had gone to take a bath in the pond together. Two brothers got down in the pond to take a bath and one child remained sitting outside. After which, while taking a bath, both the brothers went into the deep water.

After this, the third child standing outside ran and informed the people living near the pond. After this, the villagers heard the noise and ran and searched for the bodies of the children.