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IAS officer was surprised to see the courage of the children, reached DM office with a complaint, courage is being discussed a lot

Agra. You will be surprised to see the courage of two children in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Here two children travelled seven kilometers from a village to the District Magistrate with their complaint. Where the children narrated their complaint to the officials. This stunned everyone present there. Both of them told the officials that we have read in the newspaper that CM uncle will not allow encroachment of ponds, but in our village some people are encroaching the ponds by putting soil on them. We have come here to complain about the same.

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According to the information, both the children reached the District Magistrate’s office last Wednesday with a white paper in their hands. As soon as they entered the office room, they asked whether DM sahab sits here. They were told that DM sahab is out today. Additional City Magistrate II Satish Kushwaha was hearing the case. The children reached him and said that Uncle, my name is Piyush, this is my brother Vinay.

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We have brought a complaint to the District Magistrate. Everyone was shocked to hear his words. Then on asking, he told that our village is Sucheta. There is a pond of about 100 years old there. Where some people are occupying it by dumping soil. If the pond is occupied, then rainwater will fill it and dirt and mosquitoes will breed in it.

The children could not meet the District Magistrate, but the ACM who was hearing the case on the spot read the complaint and marked it and asked them to go to the Tehsil and give it to the SDM. The complaint letter has been submitted in the SDM office.

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Piyush and Vinay said that the encroachment should be removed from the pond and it should be cleaned properly. However, District Officer Bhanuchandra Goswami said that a complaint has been received about encroachment on the pond in Sucheta village. A team will be sent to investigate. If the complaint is found to be true, then the encroachment will be removed from the pond. The courage of both the children is being discussed a lot.

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