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Modi-Yogi met for the first time after the results of the Lok Sabha elections, CM bowed down and PM patted his back

New Delhi. After finishing his speech in the NDA meeting on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the leaders of all the constituent parties and the Chief Ministers and Deputy Chief Ministers of the states who were present in the program. During this, CM Yogi bowed down to the PM and the PM patted his back. Other leaders also gave gifts to the PM. The PM met everyone one by one.

In the NDA parliamentary party meeting, PM Modi said that the mandate of 2024 is repeatedly confirming one thing that in today’s scenario, the country trusts only and only the NDA. When there is such unwavering trust, it is natural for the country’s expectations to increase. I consider this good. The PM said that I had said earlier also that the work we did in 10 years is just a trailer. This was not just an election statement, it was my commitment.

PM Modi said that we were neither defeated nor have we lost, but our behavior after the 4th shows our identity that we know how to digest victory. Our values ​​are such that we do not foster frenzy in the lap of victory nor do we have the values ​​of mocking the loser. PM said that we protect the victor and we do not have the perversion of mocking the loser, these are our values.

PM Modi said that if you ask any child whose government was in power before the Lok Sabha elections, he will say NDA. Then if you ask him whose government will be formed after 2024, he will say NDA. PM said that NDA was there earlier, NDA is there today and NDA is there tomorrow too. Even after 10 years, Congress could not touch the figure of 100 seats.

PM Modi said that I believe that if we look at the results of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, then from every parameter the world will accept that this is the great victory of the NDA. You saw how two days passed, it seemed as if we lost, because they (the opposition) had to make such imaginary promises to boost the morale of their workers. The PM said that if we look at the figures in the history of the alliance, then this is the strongest coalition government. An attempt was made not to accept this victory.

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