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Negligence in the construction of Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir! Chief priest Acharya Satyendra Das made serious allegations, causing uproar

Ayodhya. The truth about development has started coming out in the Ramnagari Ayodhya due to the light pre-monsoon rain. The Rampath which was completed before the inauguration of Ram Mandir, collapsed in many places in the first rain itself. Water is dripping from the roof of the temple. Chief priest Acharya Satyendra Das of Ramlala has made this allegation and said that there has been negligence in the construction work of Ram temple.

Acharya Satyendra Das, the head priest of Ramlala, said that it is a surprising incident that the magnificent temple of Lord Ram has been opened to the public after Praana Pratishtha on January 22. The roof of Ramlala’s temple is leaking in the first rain of pre-monsoon. Rainwater is leaking from the roof at a rapid pace. He has expressed surprise at the leakage of rainwater in the construction work of the world famous temple.

Acharya Satyendra Das said that there has been negligence in the construction work. This is wrong. Water was dripping in the sanctum sanctorum in the first rain itself, which was fixed. Now the path in front of the sanctum sanctorum where the priests sit at the darshan sthal and from where the VIP darshan takes place, was filled with water.

Satyendra Das said on June 24 that it rained at night and when the priest went there in the morning to worship the Lord, he found water filled there, which was removed from the temple premises after a lot of hard work.

Tata Consultancy and LNT company did the construction

He says that the construction work has been done by Tata Consultancy and LNT Company, in which the country’s renowned engineers have contributed. He has said that the first pre-monsoon rain has exposed the great negligence of the implementing agencies engaged in the construction of Ram temple.

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