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UP Elections: Congress is assured of victory in 3 meeting seats of Kanpur… After the arriving of this chief, factionalism ended

HighlightsCongress assured of profitable 3 out of 10 meeting seats in Kanpur in 2022 Congress getting ready to box scholar chief Vikas Awasthi from Govind Nagar, were given one seat closing time in 52 meeting seats of Kanpur-Bundelkhand Congress Kosumit Sharma, Kanpur
Congress celebration goes to struggle with complete power within the UP Vidhansabha Election 2022. Congress Common Secretary Priyanka Gandhi is operating to support the celebration on the grassroots degree. Kanpur has been a stronghold of the Congress celebration. The Congress celebration used to seem after the paintings of Kanpur-Bundelkhand from Kanpur itself. Because of factionalism, the Congress ceased to exist from Kanpur, however in Kanpur, younger scholar chief Vikas Awasthi has finished the paintings of organizing the celebration. At the side of this, this younger chief has additionally introduced a military of scholars in Kanpur.

The Congress celebration is assured of profitable 3 out of 10 meeting seats in Kanpur within the 2022 UP meeting elections. The Congress celebration has been sturdy in those seats previously as smartly. Congress has ruled those seats previously as smartly. Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee secretary Vikas Awasthi has labored to arrange the celebration via getting rid of mutual factionalism. Underneath his management, all the celebration appears to be united. Vikas Awasthi is regarded as as regards to Priyanka Gandhi and UP state president Ajay Kumar Lallu.

If we communicate in regards to the 2017 UP meeting elections, then out of 52 meeting seats of Kanpur-Bundelkhand meeting, just one seat got here within the bag of Congress. The Congress celebration used to be in a position to check in victory in handiest one of the most 10 meeting seats in Kanpur. The Congress celebration is aiming to win 30 out of 52 seats in Kanpur-Bundelkhand meeting elections in 2022.

Which seats in Kanpur have the arrogance of victory?
Kidwai Nagar Meeting Constituency of Kanpur is a Brahmin ruled seat. Kidwai Nagar seat is regarded as to be the seat of Congress. Kidwai Nagar seat got here into lifestyles within the delimitation held sooner than the 2012 meeting elections. Ajay Kapoor of Congress gained the 2012 meeting elections. Ajay Kapoor is regarded as a robust chief of Congress. He needed to face defeat within the 2017 meeting elections within the Modi wave. Mahesh Trivedi of BJP had registered the victory. The file of Mahesh Trivedi within the 2022 meeting elections has no longer been right kind. There may be each and every likelihood of them getting tickets.

If we speak about caste figures in Kidwai Nagar seat, there are about 52 thousand Brahmin citizens. OBC and SC citizens are about 73 thousand, Vaish citizens are round 22 thousand, Muslim citizens are round 32 thousand, Kshatriya citizens are 18 thousand and Kushwaha about 10.

Cantt Meeting Seat
The Cantt meeting seat is a Muslim majority seat. Within the 2017 meeting elections, Congress’s Sohail Akhtar Ansari had registered a landslide victory. Suhail Ansari defeated BJP MLA Raghunandan Singh Bhadauria. Congress is assured that they may be able to win as soon as once more within the 2022 meeting elections.

Cantt meeting seat is round 01.25 lakh Muslim citizens. There are about 80 thousand Scheduled Caste citizens, 38 thousand Brahmin citizens, 36 thousand backward elegance citizens, Kshatriya citizens 09 thousand, Nishad citizens 08.5 thousand and Punjabi-Sindhi citizens round 07 thousand.

Govind Nagar Meeting seat
Govind Nagar meeting seat is regarded as to be a Brahmin ruled seat. Within the 2012 and 2017 meeting elections, Govind Nagar seat used to be gained via BJP’s Satyadev Pachauri. Within the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Satyadev become the MP of Kanpur. Govind Nagar seat fell vacant after Satyadev Pachauri become MP. By means of-elections have been held on this seat, wherein Surendra Maithani of BJP defeated Karishma Thakur of Congress.

The Congress had made a gigantic mistake within the by-election to Govind Nagar meeting seat. In reality, if the Congress celebration had fielded a Brahmin chief in this seat, the consequences will have modified. The Congress celebration is in no temper to copy this error within the 2022 meeting elections. Congress is getting ready to box its most powerful scholar chief Vikas Awasthi within the meeting elections 2022. Vikas Awasthi has a big military of adlescent. Sooner than 2012, Congress has been profitable this seat ceaselessly.

There are about 49 thousand Brahmin citizens in Govind Nagar seat. There are about 85 thousand citizens belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Muslim citizens are round 29 thousand, Chippie 32 thousand, Buddy citizens 17 thousand, Yadav citizens 16 thousand, Punjabi Sindhi 14 thousand, Kshatriya and Vaish 13-13 thousand, Kushwaha round 11 thousand.