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Up Meeting Election 2022: Bumper balloting was once held on this parliamentary constituency of UP, file of 68 years was once damaged

Pankaj Mishra, Hamirpur
Within the ultimate normal election in Hamirpur parliamentary constituency of Bundelkhand of Uttar Pradesh, there was once nice enthusiasm some of the electorate. Because of this the data of the ultimate 68 years had been damaged because of bumper balloting right here. The best balloting came about within the Tindwari meeting constituency of the parliamentary constituency. While greater than seven and a part lakh girls electorate additionally got here out in their houses and pressed the button of EVM. The bumper balloting additionally dealt a large blow to the applicants of non-BJP events. This time, as a way to build up the balloting proportion as soon as once more in regards to the meeting elections, voluntary organizations have made a plan to create consciousness within the villages.

Hamirpur, Mahoba, Tindwari Parliamentary Constituencies Within the ultimate normal elections, bumper balloting came about amid a temperature of 45 level Celsius. The applicants of non-BJP events had been shocked because the voter turnout exceeded 62.16 in step with cent. If we take a look at the result of the ultimate seventeen normal elections, within the first normal election, 38.3 p.c voter turnout was once recorded within the parliamentary constituency, while within the ultimate normal election, greater than 62 p.c balloting has damaged the data of many many years. Within the election season, the candidate of the alliance of BSP and SP were given a big setback because of the bumper balloting. Their caste equations had been additionally tarnished within the BJP wave.

Balloting was once 38.3 p.c within the first normal election of the parliamentary constituency
Within the 12 months 1952, 38.3 in step with cent votes had been solid within the parliamentary constituency. While 51.5 p.c in 1957, 43.21 p.c in 1962, 56.38 p.c in 1967, 52.19 p.c in 1971, 57.82 p.c in 1977, 53.97 p.c in 1980, 58.00 p.c in 1984, 51.69 p.c in 1989, 48.21 p.c in 1991, 43.89 p.c in 1996 , 53.00 p.c in 1998, 57.86 p.c in 1999, hundred pc in 2004, 48.40 p.c in 2009, 55.56 p.c in 2014 and 62.16 p.c in 2019.

Very best 64.38 p.c votes had been solid in Tindwari meeting constituency
For the Hamirpur-Mahoba-Tindwari parliamentary seat, 14 applicants together with BJP, Congress and coalition events had been within the fray, during which greater than seven applicants misplaced their deposits. In Hamirpur meeting constituency, 60.18 in step with cent polling was once recorded, whilst in Rath meeting constituency 62.19, Mahoba meeting constituency 61.4, Charkhari meeting constituency 63.9 and Tindwari meeting seat 64.38 in step with cent.

Greater than 7.90 lakh girls additionally pressed the button of EVM
Within the ultimate normal elections in Hamirpur, Mahoba, Tindwari parliamentary constituencies of Bundelkhand, out of overall 1,73,8107 electorate, greater than 7.90 lakh girls electorate got here out in their houses and reached the polling cubicles regardless of the sizzling warmth and pressed the EVM button with nice enthusiasm. . On the similar time, greater than 9.47 lakh males additionally voted. Because of the bumper rain of votes within the BJP wave, the electoral victory figures of non-BJP events had failed right here.

Up Meeting Election 2022: Bumper balloting was once held on this parliamentary constituency of UP, file of 68 years was once damaged