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‘Will Wait And Watch…’: Mamata Banerjee Signals INDIA Alliance May Stake Claim To Form Govt In Future |

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday said that just because the opposition INDIA bloc hasn’t claimed the right to form the government yet, it doesn’t mean it won’t try again tomorrow. The Trinamool Congress Chief said that her party will “wait and watch” and that she would be pleased to see the “weak and unstable” BJP-led NDA government overthrown.

Banerjee led her party to a resounding victory in West Bengal, securing 29 of the 42 Lok Sabha seats in the state, while the main opposition BJP was reduced to 12 seats and the Congress to one, ensuring the TMC’s continued dominance in the state.

“The country needs change; it desires change. This mandate was for a change. We’re waiting and monitoring the situation. This mandate was against Narendra Modi, so he should not be appointed prime minister this time. After meeting with newly elected TMC MPs, Banerjee told reporters that someone else should have been allowed to take over.

“The BJP is forming the government in an undemocratic and illegal manner. Although the INDIA bloc has not yet staked a claim to form the government, that does not mean it will not do so tomorrow. “Let us wait for a while,” she said. The TMC supremo has announced that the party will not attend the new government’s swearing-in ceremony.

“I would be happy to see that this unstable and weak government at the centre is out of power,” Banerjee stated. She stated that TMC MPs in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will seek the repeal of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).