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T20 World Cup 2024: Alarm bells rang as soon as PAK lost to USA, it is certain that they will be out! Know how…

T20 World Cup 2024: Pakistan, which lost its first match in the T20 World Cup 2024, is in danger of being eliminated from this tournament. Know what is the equation of Super 8…

T20 World Cup 2024: The pain of Pakistan team, which has lost its first match in T20 World Cup 2024, is not reducing. After losing to a small team like America, it is facing embarrassment all around. Meanwhile, such an equation has come to the fore, which is a warning bell for Pakistan. This equation is telling that this team captained by Babar Azam can be out of this tournament from the league stage itself, because USA captained by Monak Patel has changed the equation of the group stage points table by registering its second consecutive win.

After two consecutive wins by USA and one win by Team India, Pakistan team is in danger of being eliminated from the group stage itself. If Pakistan has to make it to the Super 8, then it has to work hard. Before that, let us understand how the total 20 teams in this World Cup will secure their place in the top 8, after that we will know about the situation of Pakistan.

What is the equation for top 8 among 20 teams?

The ninth season of the T20 World Cup is being held in America-West Indies, in which there are a total of 20 teams and they have been divided into 4 groups. There are 5 countries in each group. The top 2 teams from all 4 groups will enter the Super 8. Any team from each group can get a maximum of 8 points, because all the teams have to play 4-4 matches.

Now let’s talk about Pakistan…

Pakistan team has to play 4 matches in the group stage. It has lost the first one. Now there will be three matches. Which are against India, Ireland and Canada respectively. First of all it has to deal with India, which is a strong team. Pakistan’s victory against India seems very difficult. After this it has to play against Ireland, then it will face Canada. To go to Super 8, this team has to get 6 points at any cost. For this it is necessary to win all the three remaining matches. If Pakistan is defeated by India and Ireland then its journey will end in the group stage itself.

How can Pakistan qualify?

Pakistan has 3 matches left. If it has to qualify, it will have to win all three matches. Also, it will have to pray for the defeat of the US team in the next 2 matches, which is extremely difficult. Suppose if 3 teams in Group 1 have 6-6 points, then the top 2 teams will be selected on the basis of net run rate.

USA will have an entry in Super 8

Host USA is at number one in Group A. It has won both its matches. India has won 2 points after winning 1 match and is at number two. Pakistan is at third and Ireland is at fourth, whose account is yet to be opened. In such a situation, if USA wins its next match, then its claim to go to Super 8 will be the strongest.