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Holistic Development of Children is the Key to their Optimum Success & Blissful Life | Internet & Social Media News

In the current educational scenario, the desire to succeed in competitive exams often overpowers factors such as mental and physical health, recreation, indulgence in sports & extracurricular activities, etc. Students, driven by intense competition and societal expectations, find themselves ruthlessly trapped in a relentless cycle of routine, often cumbersome learning, and exam-focused preparation.

A high quantum of students who start preparing for major national level competitive exams find themselves in a rat race, riddled by several factors that contribute to lack of a humane, holistic approach. Many institutes often compromise the quality of teaching for major competitive exams and adopt the practice of rote learning. This leaves a major faction of students overwhelmed and unable to absorb information effectively (and more importantly, cohesively).

Coupled with this is the issue of huge batch sizes, where individual attention is often overlooked, in a bid to cater to more students simultaneously. A packed classroom will soon become a breeding ground for students complaining of a lack of personalised focus from the faculty. Study material meant to foster a better understanding of the subjects also won’t be used due to a lack of engagement. Students are generally under pressure from family members and society at large. The absence of personalised mentoring by the tutors usually manifests in added stress and anxiety. Learning turns from being a joy into only meeting the expectations of others affecting a student’s personal well-being and interests. This also negatively impacts the mental health and growth of Students.

For FIITJEE, addressing these challenges has become a conscious choice. Delivering education in a holistic fashion is a formula that helps deliver beyond the academics. Such a holistic approach includes inculcating problem solving, time management and simple strategies to deal with examinations. A core aspect of FIITJEE’s success lies its unique pedagogical methodology, which focuses on fundamentals-based teaching. FIITJEE Students are taught under the best peer groups of like-minded students, so that they can learn and grow synergistically and holistically.