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HR Warns Employee For Social Media And Netflix Use During Work Hours: “Caught Watching…” |

New Delhi: Sumit Mishra, a LinkedIn user, has recently posted about his friend Rishika’s work situation. Rishika received a warning from HR for using Instagram, Netflix,, and during work hours. The email from HR also noted that she was caught watching interviews of Bollywood actor Babil Khan while on duty. Further, complaints from colleagues were mentioned citing Rishika’s habit of taking home coffee pouches, sugar sachets, and Maggi packets.

The company sent her an email saying, “Please remember, we already gave you a casual warning last week when you were caught watching Babil Khan interviews while on duty! Many of your colleagues have also reported that you and Shreya carry coffee pouches, sugar sachets , Maggi, forks, and disposable plates from the pantry for personal use. Please note that stealing products from office property is strictly prohibited.” (Also Read: RBI to set up digital payments intelligence platform to combat online fraud)

Sumit Mishra shared the post two days ago and it has since garnered over 400 likes and numerous comments. Many people have flocked to the comments section to share their reactions. (Also Read: Samsung Launches Odyssey OLED, ViewFinity and Smart Monitors With AI Powered Features; Check Specs, Price And Offers)

Let’s take a look at some of the comments:

One user wrote, “I think HR is right. It is not okay to steal things when they are small. It is not okay to earn money hourly but wasting it.”

Another one wrote, “That’s a tough situation. It’s good that they communicated their concerns clearly. Maybe it’s a chance to revisit how to balance personal time and work? Hope it gets sorted out smoothly!”

“Such a clear communication and highly required as well! company provides salary for working, not for our extra curricular activities.. and to steal company property, is showing poor mindset!”, said third user

The fourth user commented “Yes it is required. The HR has done a good job.”

“I think HR is absolutely correct, this constitutes a misutilization of company resources during working hours.” fifth user said.