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US Presidential Debate: Biden vs Trump face off ahead of US polls, key highlights |

New Delhi: The first US Presidential debate session between President Joe Biden and his Republican opponent, Donald Trump concluded. The first general election debate season of 2024 offered an opportunity for both candidates to shape the political narrative. The debate season included the topic of the January 6 Capitol attack, the Russia-Ukraine war, terrorist entry, Withdrawal from Afghanistan and others.

Here are the key points discussed in the 2024 debate season

-Former US President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden voice out over their foreign policies, especially concerning the Russia-Ukraine and the Israel-Hamas war. Reportedly, citing Trump’s Ukraine remark, Biden said that Russia has lost thousands of troops and has not succeeded in its aim to capture Kyiv.

-Former US President and Republican challenger in the 2024 US Presidential elections, Donald Trump has declined to take any responsibility for the January 6 attack on the US Capitol and said, “On January 6, we had a great border, nobody coming through–very few. On January 6, we were energy independent. On January 6, we had the lowest taxes ever, we had the lowest regulations ever,” ANI reported.

-During the first presidential debate, the US election nominee debated over the issue of migrants entering the country. President Biden claimed that his policy has reduced the number of immigrants arriving by 40 per cent.

-US President Joe Biden slammed Donald Trump during the debate session in 2024 and asked how many billions he owed in civil penalties for molesting a woman in public. “The crimes that you are still charged with – and think of all the civil penalties you have. How many billions of dollars do you owe in civil penalties for molesting a woman in public?” Biden asked.