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Crime News: Younger brother killed elder brother by chopping him with an axe, body found soaked in blood

Crime News. A heart wrenching incident has come to light from Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. In Banthra area, brother Sujit killed his elder brother Ramesh by chopping him with an axe. Ramesh was abusing his family members after drinking alcohol. In anger, Sujit picked up an axe and hit him, splitting his head in two. The accused has surrendered before the police.

Late on Wednesday night in Banthra, a young man killed his elder brother with an axe. He made several rapid attacks on his head, neck and stomach. As soon as the attack was made on the neck, blood spurted out. The whole body was soaked in blood. He died on the spot. Before the incident, the elder brother had reached home drunk.

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The police were stunned

On the other hand, the accused brother reached the police station with a blood-soaked axe and said that he had killed his brother. The police were stunned to see him in this condition. After knowing the truth, the police arrested the accused. The axe used in the murder has also been recovered.

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