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Was there a reconciliation between Saint Premanand Maharaj and storyteller Pradeep Mishra? The disciples told the whole truth, know what they said…

Mathura. There are reports of reconciliation between Pandit Pradeep Mishra, the chief narrator of Kubreshwar Dham located in Sehore, MP, and Saint Premanand Maharaj. It was reported in the news that Minister Kailash Vijayvargiya has said that there has been a reconciliation between Pradeep Mishra and Premanand Maharaj. Regarding this, the disciples of Premanand Maharaj have released a video and told the whole truth. According to the disciples, there has been no reconciliation between Saint Premanand Maharaj and narrator Pradeep Mishra.

Premanand Maharaj’s disciples and representatives of his ashram Shrihit Radha Keli Kunj, Naval Nagari Sharan Maharaj and Mahamadhuri Sharan Maharaj have released a video message. It said that Premanand Maharaj does not keep a phone with him. If anyone wants to contact him through phone, then the conversation takes place through us. If any phone call comes, it will come to us. Maharaj ji cannot be talked to directly on the phone. Both the disciples appealed to the followers of Premanand Maharaj not to pay attention to the news of reconciliation.

There was no reconciliation talk between Pujya Shri Premanand Ji Maharaj and Pradeep Mishra! See

— Bhajan Marg Official (@RadhaKeliKunj) June 25, 2024

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Both have been in the headlines for many days

Let us tell you that the dispute between Premanand Maharaj and Pradeep Mishra has been in the headlines for the last several days. Storyteller Pradeep Mishra had said something objectionable about the marriage of Radha-Krishna, due to which not only Premanand Maharaj but many people of the saint community were angry. Pradeep Mishra’s video is viral on social media in which he said something objectionable about the marriage of Radha-Krishna. Premanand Maharaj had objected to his statement.

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Demand for action against Pradeep Mishra

Premanand Maharaj had strongly opposed Pradeep Mishra’s statement. He had said that whoever it is, should speak sensibly about our Kishori Ji because she is our life, our everything. Sri Radharani is the one whose feet are bowed to by Brahma, Shiva, Shuk, Sankadi as well. Protests were held against Pradeep Mishra at many places in Mathura Vrindavan. Saints also submitted a memorandum to SP Mathura that administrative action should be taken against Pradeep Mishra as soon as possible.

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