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‘Pandit ji, read the mantra quickly…’, when he did not agree, the constable beat him, Pandit ji left the marriage in the middle and filed a report.

Lucknow. The policeman was in such a hurry for the marriage that he intervened and told the Panditji to finish the marriage by reciting the mantra quickly. The Pandit who conducted the puja got angry at this and refused to do so. A strange case has come to light in Lucknow. Here a priest was beaten by a policeman just because he was conducting the marriage rituals slowly.

This shocking incident happened on Wednesday in Nigohan area of ​​Lucknow. Here the priest was called to solemnize the marriage of a soldier. On the complaint of the priest, a case was registered against the policeman. The case is being investigated.

The constable also beat the priest’s brother

According to media reports, constable Sonu Jatav posted at Nigohan police station was getting married to the daughter of Om Prakash Prajapati. Then in the pavilion, Sonu asked priest Vivek Shukla to perform the rituals quickly. When the priest refused to perform the ritual hastily, Sonu became angry and beat up priest Shukla in front of the guests.

It is alleged that when Shukla’s brother Sachin intervened, he was also beaten. In the police complaint, Pujari and his brother said that the constable had threatened them of dire consequences if they complained. Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Southern Zone, Shashank Singh said that an FIR has been registered against the constable and further investigation is underway.

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