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UP News: Bride dies on 12th day of marriage, dead body found in bathroom

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Auraiya. A bride died on the 12th day of her marriage in Auraiya district of UP. His dead body was found in the bathroom. There is a stir in the area after the death of the bride. At the same time, the family members of the newly married woman are in bad condition and crying.

Chitra (23), wife of Ashwani Gupta, resident of village Kanchausi in Auraiya district, had gone to the bathroom to take bath on Sunday morning. When he did not come out for a long time, his niece who had come with him from her parents’ house, went near the door and called. When there was no response, the niece called Chitra’s husband Ashwani. When she came, Chitra did not answer even after calling her several times. Fearing something untoward would happen, he broke the bathroom door. She was found unconscious inside the bathroom. He was brought to the district hospital Chichauli. Here the doctor declared him dead.

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On hearing the news of Chitra’s death, father Ajay, brother Shivam and other family members including Bithoor resident of Kanpur city reached there. Family members told that Chitra was married on 14 February. Sub Inspector Gyanendra said that the family members have not made any allegations. Post mortem is being conducted. Only after this the exact cause of death will be known.

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