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VHP will campaign against live in relationship

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Ayodhya. In the second day meeting of the Managing Executive Committee of Vishva Hindu Parishad, which is being held for the first time in Ayodhya, it has been decided to run a campaign with the concept of family system, considering live-in relationship as the mentality of destroying the institution of marriage and family. The strategy regarding this campaign is being decided at the organization level.

In this meeting held at Karsevakapuram, the elections of the organization held every three years will also be held on Tuesday. Before this, meetings were organized here at different levels. In these meetings, two special proposals were discussed and accepted. In which the first proposal was regarding Ram Temple and the second was related to the elections of a democratic country.

VHP National Working President Alok Kumar, while sharing these proposals with the media, said that Lok Sabha elections are going to be held in the country. India has been called the mother of democracy. Election is a big festival here. The polling officer also has a duty in this great festival. He said that this proposal is a vision to make the voters across the country aware about the national interest and the interest of the country. He said that we cannot decide the name of any party. Voters, as per their discretion, should vote 100% in favor of the one who gives importance to the national interest.